An adaption of our escape rooms, enabling groups to participate  solving puzzles from the comfort of their own home or office using ZOOM! Teams work together to solve a series of Christmas themed puzzles and perform challenges to compete against the clock and each other for best times and bragging rights!
We’ll send  out a ZOOM invite to each member of your party. You’ll all gather together for a brief introduction and then you’ll be set off to break out rooms – each hosted by a dedicated gamemaster. 
The game will last approx 45 minutes to an hour.
Suitable for groups of 6 – 100 working as teams against each other, making it ideal for staff Christmas parties or large family get togethers. 

You are looking forward to having a night out celebrating with your friends, however one of them is missing! Can you find out where they are so you can help them ‘Get To The Party’?!

It’s the morning after the night before. You have woken up in a strange house after a party and cant find the key to get out! You need to retrace your steps and relive your antics to discover what actually went on last night!

Santa’s ‘Naughty & Nice’ list has gone missing! Without his list he can not deliver any presents and Christmas will be ruined! Can you and your team work out how to get to the North Pole to help find out which of Santa’s elves stole the list, so you can return it to Santa and save Christmas?!

It’s the last day of school and you are in detention. When you come out you realise that everyone has left and the school is closed for the holidays. The school caretaker leaves in exactly one hour – can you get his attention by ringing the school bell so he can let you out and ‘Escape By The Bell’?

A robbery which led to multiple shootings and murders has taken place. The family have hired you to solve the crime so they can find the guys responsible before the cops do and handle it their own way. Two armed men entered the VIP room, only one made it back out. So who was the one who escaped? And which dead body in the room was the other shooter?

Ringmaster Herr Mont has discovered that his love has strayed and plans to leave him, taking the circus jewels with her!

He has enlisted you and your team to help him find out who she is planning on leaving him for and to find where she has hidden the jewels before she takes them!